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Lyme Disease:A Microscopist’s Search foran Antibiotic-Free Solutionby Bjørn Johan Øverbye, MD


We all know the official stories of how Dr. Allen Steere identified ticktransmitted arthritis in Lyme County in 1972.(1) We all rejoice in how Steere sent ticks from the county to Swiss-born entomologist Willy Burgdorfer in 1985 and asked him to search for parasites, and how Burgdorfer identified Borrelia spirochetes in the gut of the tick and then the link was established: Lyme disease caused by tick-borne Borrelia. Both became “immortalized”!

I was bitten by a tick a few years prior to these glorious events which changed the way that we have come to regard a number of previously unexplained diseases of organs, muscles, joints, and the nervous system. The year was 1978, and practically no one in my country, Norway, had ever heard about Borrelia, although German microscopist Otto Obermeier had identified the spirochete as cause of disease as early as 1868.(2) By 1908 it was baptized Borrelia. (3) By 1920 it was widespread knowledge in German-speaking countries that bloodsucking ticks transmitted the spirochete and spread them from furry animals to humans and between humans. By 1950 Germans identified Borrelia in blood form by darkfield microscopy and gave Penicillium to the sick and they recovered, if not always forever.(4)

Due to the ignorance of the times I suffered untreated neuroborreliosis and went through living hell for 1 year with no help whatsoever. Later I came to learn that most Norwegian patients still do today, due to reasons called the “Lyme-borreliosis war” between antibiotic minimalists and more realistic doctors.(5)

In the following decades, I suffered badly and tried every treatment in the book, mostly alternative therapies, since the doors to hospitals were closed. In my search for help, I studied under German surgeon/microscopist/immunologist and natural therapist Wolfgang Grüger, MD. I learned about blood symbiotic, pleomorphic microbes, blood pH, and syphilis.(6) No Borrelia was discussed! I later studied with Professor Henk Oswald in the Netherlands in 1994; the same story as in Germany. No Borrelia was discussed! Swimming spirochetes were dismissed as “something else.” In 1999 I had a relapse of neurological symptoms and passed some years rebuilding myself with immunotherapy and electromagnetic therapy, to which I was introduced in Germany.

In 2010 while taking a course at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, now 100% symptom free due to natural therapies, I “stumbled over” inventor, microscopist, and electronic genius Jim Meisner, to whom I am still in debt. From him I learned the real thing: Borrelia when looking at live blood through his Olympus 50× darkfield microscope.(7) I also learned how he was able to kill Borrelia using a replica of a machine made by French inventor George Lakhovsky and later adapted by American microscopist genius Royal Rife.(8,9) I had the honor to meet his friend whom he had cured from severe crippling Lyme disease in 3 months using this electromagnetic wave equipment.

Inspired by such stories, a local businessman lent me a highquality darkfield/phase contrast/ immunfluoresence microscope and I set out to do research.

Over the years I have collected a photo library of 1000 pictures taken from blood voluntarily donated by people who wanted to help me find an explanation for the nature of things.

By 2012, I had acquired a 15,000- page library on topics such as ticks, vectors, ecology, microscope building, optics, microbiology, Borrelia and spirochete sciences, therapies, politics of medicine, and not to forget electromagnetic science of curing the sick and killing microbes! By 2014 it all materialized into the biggest book on the topic ever written in a Scandinavian language, with the title Sick from Tick Bite (Syk av Flåttbitt; Veiviseren Forlag).

So what did I learn from the ill fate of suffering from the worst disease ever and bouncing back twice? The biggest evil on this planet is lack of true knowledge of the nature of things and the consequences thereof! By curing my own evils, I came out as a humbler and more knowledgeable doctor.

First I came to learn the nature of the enemy: a small spirochete of the magnitude of 1 to 2 RBC length (ca. 10– 20 µm). Under a darkfield microscope at 1000 diameters of magnification, it looks like a small, thin, white thread with a characteristic wiggling movement.10,(11) This is the “classical appearance” common to all spirochetes. I photographed them live and with still photos from the most unexpected volunteers, even healthy ones. Thus I came to see with my own eyes the phenomenon so often not talked about: the healthy carriers! I followed the people’s histories and came to see for myself how a tick bite had infected them with spirochetes many years earlier, and how they stayed healthy. Yet later, when they were neglecting their health or exposed to traumas or immunosuppressing drugs, the spirochetes appeared from “nowhere” and caused symptoms related to Lyme disease or neuroborreliosis.

I also came to see a host of other phenomena known as Borrelia pleomorphism: spirochetes roll up into small discoid forms, change to smaller antigen and wall-free L-forms more apt to escape the immune system.(12) And I could see the phenomenon called shedding, in which spirochetes wiggle intensely and throw off immuneproteins meant to kill them. In 2014 I went to Budapest to visit world-famous darkfield microscopy guru Dr. Bela Bozsik, who had photographed and filmed the blood of more than 100,000 Lyme-borreliosis patients.(13,14) His records were impeccable: He could match the best serum tests and sometimes discovered Borrelia in previously seronegative sick patients.(15) His Hungarian team had a 95% cure when steering their therapies with microscopy and serum testing in parallel; 3 to 4 months of antibiotics plus immune-supporting supplements were the secret. During my second visit he offered me a job at a hospital in Hungary as a Borrelia physician to take care of foreign patients. I often wonder if I should have taken this job to learn more and increase my expertise and, above all, help people who are sick with no given answers as I had experienced.

From Bozsik I learned how Borrelia “blebs.”(16) I saw photographs of how spirochetes under attack would make small blebs, some empty as decoys for immune cells to chase in vain when a few other blebs containing valuable DNA meant to grow into new spirochetes could escape. I saw cysts with rolled-up spirochetes inside other cells, “nests of spirochetes” covered with biofilms, and how spirochetes cover themselves with slime (biofilm) to become “slippery” so that immune proteins could not stick to their surface antigens. I saw film of spirochetes breaking in two to create two offspring from one mother.

When I asked Bozsik, he admitted somewhat unwillingly, “Well, there is a chance that many therapies on the market that make people clinically healthy do not really kill off all the spirochetes; they just lower the number of spirochetes to a level where the immune system can keep them down; turning previously sick into healthy carriers.”(17) As a consequence of the mass of knowledge that I gathered from two continents and years of travel, I came to see the enemy as far smarter than the doctors chasing them. It is not a simple “bug” to be killed off by 2 to 4 weeks of penicillin or doxycycline. It is the perfect parasite honed by billions of years of evolution in the ecosystem, meant to survive at all cost and serving the highest purpose of James Lovelock’s Gaia scenario: invade as many carbonbased warm-blooded organisms; stay when organisms get old or weak due to lack of proper food in the biotope; see to their premature weakening and eventual death, thereby promoting the younger, better fed, and more apt.(18)

It is not a parasite designed to succumb to a politically correct medical minimalism or even by antibiotic maximalists. I saw the spirochetes come back in patient after patient post treatment. And with awe and a curious admiration, I saw how they evaded the immune system and how serum tests came out negative in more cases than our official health system would like us to believe. Burdened by the mass of knowledge loaded upon my shoulders after years of research, I ended up with a threefold strategy that I tested out on volunteers. The first part is immune therapy activating the natural inborn defense that we all have. The second part is sound wave therapy that I learned about in the US which actives the nervous system and our cells. The third part is based on my premedical studies in university – physics and electronics: the use of tuned focused pulsating electromagnetic fields enhancing immunity and the lymphatic system and balancing the nervous system by tapping into cellular communication pathways.(19)

Does it work? Well, it worked for me and a great number of volunteers. These days, I have had the honor to be supported in my work by the people from Ondamed in Germany by doing a pilot project to use its electromagnetic generators to help people for a better outcome when suffering from Lyme wherein antibiotics have failed. Based on years of experience and research, I have a feeling that this may be the future.

Lyme Survivor & US Track Athlete Perry Fields interviews with Silvia Binder, ND, PhD, CEO of the Ondamed companies & Founder of The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine

Q: Silvia, as you know I was using ONDAMED back in 2006 to get healthy. Being an ND, what are your thoughts on healing Lyme disease?

A: I believe healing is very possible with almost all disease processes including Lyme disease. I consider Lyme disease an immune deficiency disorder. The question that interests me, as a practitioner, is WHY the immune system of my patient is suppressed or dysfunctional. I am a firm believer in the theory that our physiology follows our minds and emotions. In other words, our body manifests unresolved emotional issues such as the trauma or shock we experienced at some point in our lives. The memory of such unresolved trauma or shock resides on a cellular level somewhere in our body hindering our body to be as strong, vibrant, and healthy as it could possibly be. We won’t notice it right away. By nature the person doesn’t remember these events since natural protective mechanisms may block out memories. But what I believe happens is that the shock or trauma disconnects us from the powerful self we have come to be and live in this lifetime. Most of us continue to stray away from “our path” and further disconnect from our truth. This, in a much broader sense and from a wider perspective on immune deficiency disorders, may be the causal factor for our disease journeys. It is our own disconnect from the power within which invites inflammation and infection.

Q: How does ONDAMED help those who are suffering from Lyme disease?

A: ONDAMED, with its unique biofeedback methodology, allows practitioners to find and treat dysfunctional tissue. The practitioner stimulates the patient with specifically chosen focused fields emitted from a handheld applicator that is moved along the body, from head to toe, front and back. Each time an area of the patient’s body reacts to the stimulus (as felt through the biofeedback loop) the practitioner notes this reaction area, concluding that there may be inflammation, infection, scar tissue, or memories of unresolved shock or trauma residing on a cellular level. It is the patient who sits in the driver’s seat, directing the practitioner to WHERE the weakest areas are located and WHICH focused fields are needed to stimulate these areas. Instead of using systemically pharmaceutical or nutraceutical approaches, the ONDAMED provides a focused “electroceutical” approach targeted to the areas in most need. If you’ve ever seen Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, she uses a Tricorder Technology to scan over the body to evaluate imbalances and once imbalances are found, she uses the Tricorder to send electromagnetic pulses toward the body area to stimulate healing processes. ONDAMED is quite similar, but may be the 1st generation of an advanced Tricorder since Star Trek plays in the 24th Century. Now back to our time and your question, Perry, the ONDAMED stimulation attracts an immune response to the specific tissue area where applicators are placed. ONDAMED’s focused fields cause an induction from within cells and tissue; cells and tissue are being vibrated or moved, which causes not only the immune system to respond, but also detoxifies the cells from toxins and waste product. While ONDAMED’s stimulation impacts the targeted tissue areas, ONDAMED also has a systemic effect on the lymphatic system, the circulatory and the nervous system. Lymphatic flow is being stimulated to help carry toxins and waste product from the cell environment to the respective organs to excrete the unwanted debris through stool, urine, or sweat to name a few. While the ONDAMED is causing so many different benefits to happen all at the same time, its focused field stimulation also significantly impacts the nervous system. Depending on the fields used, they either have a relaxing or exciting effect on the nervous system.

Q: Tell us more about using ONDAMED to address all the symptoms that people with Lyme suffer from?

A: I typically suggest that our practitioners use all four operating Modules the ONDAMED System offers. This will allow the addressing of patients’ symptoms from different perspectives with a wide range of frequencies and programs. First we work with frequencies which are specific to organs and organ systems, offering very precise frequencies to the areas in most distress. Then in Module 2, 170 different therapeutic programs offer a more generic approach while providing important information as to the patient’s health journey. You may compare these programs, which are combinations of frequencies (but never more than 2 at one time) to a whole piece of music, or in other words, a symphony. It is critical, especially for immune deficiency disorders including Lyme disease, to also use Module 3, frequencies that correlate to microorganism related information. This Module is the most specific of all, using only one frequency to primarily stimulate an immune response. Module 4 is also essential since it deals with unique frequencies to stimulate assimilation of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and more. With use of these four Modules, Lyme sufferers have been shown to: • relax deeply • improve their sleep patterns • detoxify by sweating more and with noticeable frequency and consistency changes in stool and urine • improve facial complexion (patients’ skin color changes from a grey tone to a healthy radiant tone)

• have more energy

• think clearer

• improve memory

• increase range of motion

• have less or no pain

• reduce or stop medication (with guidance of their physician)

• balance weight

• reduce or stop addictive patterns

• feel better about themselves and find it easier to manage their life’s challenges

• improve quality of life significantly

• to undertake big life transformations, including a new career path, seeking additional or brand new education, changing or allowing a partnership, move, etc.

Q: What should one expect to feel after an ONDAMED session? When can people start to notice improvement with the use of ONDAMED? Is there a rough estimate of the number of sessions that someone may need before they start feeling symptoms get better?

A: The first thing people feel is that they relax and have less pain. Often patients report a better and deeper sleep. Pain levels drop and people can move better and easier and they have more energy! They feel better about themselves and start taking ownership of their lives again. Generally speaking, people should feel a change in the first 5 sessions and after 15 – 20 sessions (either weekly or bi-weekly) there should be a substantial improvement with their symptoms. I always tell my patients that the first step to getting them well is to stabilize them, which may take anywhere from 2-10 sessions. After they have achieved a stable level, we then work on building their health. So, even if the symptoms have been reduced it is important to work on building strength and health.

Q: If symptoms get better, is it safe to say that healing is actually taking place. Most people with Lyme are very fearful. They fear that they aren’t ever going to get well and if they do get well, they can expect to have another “attack” or “episode” of symptoms.

A: Yes, we can safely say that patients are healing. Of course, our belief in Naturopathic Medicine is to stimulate the patient’s own healing abilities, which is always present in the body. I want to mention here that while our healing abilities are present, the patient may not yet be ready for healing. We must respect the patient’s need and abilities and the right time for undertaking their healing journey. Another belief we hold in Naturopathic Medicine is to set the patient free and not bind them to yet another “thing”. Therefore, while ONDAMED is a significant tool to stimulate wholesome healing, we must never forget or stop to educate our patients in terms of life style, nutrition, stress factors in their environment, etc. This way the patient is equipped with their own tools to better understand how to live a more aware, healthy, and joyful life. I can’t stress enough how critical the work is with unresolved emotional shock or trauma. By stepping into a deeper level with patients, we are able to help them reconnect to their inner strength, and to follow this connection and strength. Once people “get a hold” of their power within and they start nurturing and growing their “inner seed”, they have a fundamental base from which to direct their bodies and avoid ever having to experience another “attack” or “episode”.

Q: How does energetic medicine fit into someone’s recovery? How should it be used?

A: Good question, Perry. Since all matter including all beings is founded on electro-magnetic forces, it is a no brainer to understand the importance of using energy medicine. The field of Western medicine has long been using “energetic medicine” to diagnose – just look at MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound, EEG and EKG. These devices are an integral part of medicine. Acupuncture, pulse reading and herbs have been used for thousands of years as part of many cultures. The field of “energetic medicine” offers many different approaches. I am a skeptic and need to see evidence of safety and efficacy. All of you should ask questions when offered any form of treatment. I always encourage my patients to do their own research, since it puts them in a position of power. There are fine & cutting edge energetic approaches, yet there also are many questionable methods, some even dangerous. If you wish to heal quickly and lastingly you must be treated in a focused and specific way. The body needs specificity for proper healing (the yogis already stated this a long time ago). A generic approach can be limited, may cost you time and money, and more importantly you may give up hope. We don’t want that. Therefore, do your own research and use common-sense and practical thinking. It goes a long way and sets you free. All in all, people need different elements of healing stimulation. Several pizza slices make a whole “pizza pie” and we need different slices of therapeutic interaction to reduce or even better to end people’s suffering from their Lyme symptoms. It is absolutely necessary to include energetic medicine in order to tap into the cellular communication system of a person. The return to Personalized Medicine, in a safe and common-sense kind of way, is the key for helping people to not only overcome their disease, but to learn from their disease journey and to become a more aware, healthy, strong, and joyful person.


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